Child protection

Below is a copy of the March Marlins Swimming Club Child Protection statement:


March Marlins Swimming Club fully recognises its duty to protect and safeguard its members.  We are aware that everyone has a duty to protect each other from maltreatment and prevent any impairment to them.

Our Child Protection Policy applies to all members and volunteers working within the club.  We adopt the ASA Child Protection Policy and Wave Policy (fully policy wording is available on the ASA website –


March Marlins Swimming Club communicates to its members the adopted Child Protection Policy and Wave Power via its own website  and via posters on our Notice Board.


We recognise that high self-esteem, confidence and good lines of communication with supportive and trusted adults help prevention.

The club will therefore seek to establish an ethos in which children feel secure and are encouraged to talk because they know they will be listened to.  We will ensure that children feel confident and that there are adults in the Club whom they can approach if they are worried or in difficulty.

Point of Contact

If ANY member of the club has a concern of any kind, no matter how trivial they feel it may be, they should contact the designated Child Welfare Officer of the Club, (or any other adult they feel comfortable with who will help with the initial contact).

Upcoming Events

September 5th, Saturday

Event: SFL Final
Venue: Whittlesey
Warm-up Time: 18:00
SFL Final (Marlins hostings)

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September 12th, Saturday

Event: JFL 5th Rd
Venue: Newmarket
Warm-up Time: 18:00
JFL 5th Rd

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September 19th, Saturday

Event: Anglian League Final
Venue: Boston
Warm-up Time: 18:00
Anglian League Final

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