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Liam Knight


Liam Knight is the new Performance Coach for March Marlins


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JFL B Final


Young March Marlins swimmers excel at JFL B final with 24 PB times and 2nd place.


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Club Records and PBs smashed at County Champs

30-03-2015 22:40 by Mark McGowen

Jessica Shaw – 13 PBs & 13 CRs
100m breast PB & CR. 200m breast PB & CR. 50m fly PB, CR and bronze, also silver in finals. 400m Ind Med PB, CR and silver. 100m back PB & CR. 200m Ind Med PB, CR and bronze. 50m breast PB & CR. 200m free PB & CR. 50m back PB, CR and silver. 400m free PB & CR. 100m free PB & CR. 200m back PB & CR. 50m free PB & CR. 
Graham Shaw – 8 PBs & 7 CRs
200m Ind Med PB & CR. 100m free PB & CR. 50m back PB & CR. 50m fly PB, CR, regional time and bronze. 100m Ind Med PB, CR and bronze. 100m fly PB & CR. 200m breast PB. 50m free PB & CR. 
Marc Johnson – 5 PBs & 4 CRs 
100m back PB & CR. 200m back PB, CR & silver. 50m back PB & CR. 50m fly PB. 100m Ind Med silver. 100m fly PB & CR. 
Molly McGowen 400m Ind Med PB and CR.  50m free PB.  Ciara Mason 100m breast PB. Gemma McGowen 50m back PB. Ashleigh Lavender 400m free PB. Sophie Tunley 50m free PB.
Brothers Martyn and Andrew Fresher swam in 50m breast with Andrew reaching the finals.
Cara Fresher swam in 100m and 50m free. 
Marlins now have 3 new time keepers, Louise Tunley, Christina Mason and Sharon Larham, also 4 people well on their way to getting their Judge Level 1, Will Shaw, Katie McGowen, Terri Shaw and Ashleigh Lavender

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September 5th, Saturday

Event: SFL Final
Venue: Whittlesey
Warm-up Time: 18:00
SFL Final (Marlins hostings)

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September 12th, Saturday

Event: JFL 5th Rd
Venue: Newmarket
Warm-up Time: 18:00
JFL 5th Rd

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September 19th, Saturday

Event: Anglian League Final
Venue: Boston
Warm-up Time: 18:00
Anglian League Final

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