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Autumn Challenge Level 3 Open Meet


We are pleased to announce we are hosting a Level 3 Open Meet on Sunday 17th October at Whittlesey. We very much look forward to seeing you at our meet.

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Swimming Trials


March Marlins is looking for new swimmers to join our club.
If your child can swim 25m on their front and back please get in contact.

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Huntingdon Autumn Shield 2012 Winners

06-10-2012 21:43 by Mark McGowen

March Marlins were victorious in the Autumn Shield Gala held on Saturday at Huntingdon.   A competitive squad put in a superb performance to win on the night, coming away with 13 new PB’s.

1st Places: Luke Cable 50m Breaststroke; Gemma McGowen 50m Butterfly & new PB, 50m Backstroke & new PB;  Mollie Allen 50m Breaststroke & new PB, 50m Butterfly & new PB; Graham Shaw 50m Freestyle; Siobhan Halliday 50m Freestyle & new PB, 50m Breaststroke & new PB; Amelia Wallis 50m Backstroke; Katie McGowen 50m Backstroke & new PB; Marc Johnson 50m Backstroke & new PB. Finally, a huge 1st place going to the Mixed Parent 4x25 relay, Jo Pearce, Martyn Fresher, Mark McGowen and Tracey Hoy.

2nd Places: Emily Morris 50m Backstroke; Jake Hoy 50m Freestyle & new PB; Katerina Caikovskaja 50m Freestyle; Martyn Fresher 50m Breaststroke, 50m Buterfly; Marc Johnson 50m Butterfly & new PB; Katie McGowen 50m Butterfly; Chloe Seal 50m Freestyle & new PB; Cara Fresher 50m Freestyle; Ben Wright 50m Freestyle; Molly McGowen 25m Butterfly & new PB.

3rd Places: Marc Johnson 50m Backstroke; Graham Shaw 50m Butterfly; Nat Cook 50m Backstroke, 25m Butterfly & new PB; Luke Cable 50m Freestyle; Luke Hemsley 50m Breaststroke; Jacob Halls 50m Breaststoke;  4x25m Relay Katie McGowen, Siobhan Halliday, Cara Fresher, Katerina Caikovskaja; 4x25m Relay Mollie Allen, Katie McGowen, Gemma McGowen, Daniela Sarkovica; 4x25m Relay Ben Wright, Luke Cable, Graham Shaw, Jake Hoy; 8x25m Cannon Relay Ben Wright, Emily Morris, Marc Johnson, Chloe Seal, Jacob Halls, Siobhan Halliday, Nat Cook, Amelia Wallis.

A huge congratulations to the Coaches and the squad for a fantastic effort.  Well Done All!

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