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Autumn Challenge Level 3 Open Meet


We are pleased to announce we are hosting a Level 3 Open Meet on Sunday 17th October at Whittlesey. We very much look forward to seeing you at our meet.

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Swimming Trials


March Marlins is looking for new swimmers to join our club.
If your child can swim 25m on their front and back please get in contact.

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Youngsters shine at COPS Mini Gala

11-05-2015 14:49 by Mark McGowen

20 Young Marlins swimmers all under 11 years of age swam at the 3rd Peterborough Mini Gala on Saturday.  They swam against 5 other teams and came away with 23 PBs, 1 Club Record, 4 first places, 5 second places and 7 third places.

For a number of them it was their first gala and were very nervous but all thoroughly enjoyed it and swam their best.

For the girls Gracie Webb PB in backstroke and freestyle, Saule Majauskis PB in butterfly, Charlotte Shaw PB and first place in breaststroke, Aimee Cross PB in backstroke and breaststroke, Olivia Tunley PB and second in butterfly, also PB and third in freestyle. Millie Pearce claimed a club record, PB and second in freestyle, also PB and first in backstroke. Rosetta Schauenburg-Kent PB in breaststroke and third in butterfly. Ciara Mason PB in breaststroke and butterfly and also second place. Sophie Tunley swam in breaststroke just missing her PB. Molly McGowen second in freestyle.

For the boys Jeremy Courten PB in backstroke, Harry Dawson PB in freestyle. Luke Cumbridge PB and first in breaststroke and also PB and third in butterfly. Hayden Courten PB and third in freestyle. Gabriel Gritsenko PB and first in backstroke, Aiden Gray third in breaststroke, Jack Dawson PB in breaststroke. Rokas Borusas PB in butterfly, Louis Beningfield third in freestyle, Daniel Bradshaw PB in backstroke. 

Final results were COPS Yellow 196 pts, First Strokes 142pts, St Ives 138pts, March 132pts, COPS Blue 129pts and Chatteris 78pts

If you would like to swim for a competitive local swimming club go to our website or email or contact us on 0700 390 1290

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